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:Thanks a lot for the update and thanks for your work. I will do what you say (it seems like a good idea) but I've got a question : a lot of Wikisource have two templates (the general one and the one for edition/version of the same text, some even have more) and the special page seems to work fine there. Do you have any idea why?
:Cdlt, [[User:VIGNERON|<span style="font-variant: small-caps">Vigneron</span>]] * [[User Talk:VIGNERON|<sup>diskut.</sup>]] 29 Mez 2018 da 10:06 (CEST)
::I should check, but could it be because they have the two templates listed in [[MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage]]? About the need for two templates, it's interesting that most other communities use two templates. On it.wikisource we preferred this solution: we use disambiguation only for different works with same title, and we have a custom namespace "Opera" (Work) which is meant for different editions/translation of the same work. See for example [[:it:Opera:Iliade]] and [[:it:Opera:I promessi sposi]]. It uses a module to connect to the Wikidata item for the work. I would like to hear your opinion about it :) --[[Implijer:Candalua|Candalua]] ([[Kaozeadenn Implijer:Candalua|kaozeal]]) 30 Mez 2018 da 12:09 (CEST)